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Cowgirls Vs. Pterodactyls ((TOP))

The pterodactyls are rendered using shitty stop motion à la Jason and the Argonauts (but way worse). Oh, and there's a whole ensemble cast of adorable little baby pterodactyls (wholesome). The dialogue is pure gold and the score absolutely slaps.

Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls

This is one for the so-bad-it's-good category. Very low budget indie with some pretty bad FX (though I have seen worse). What it has, though, is a ton of heart and a tongue in cheek attitude.. like the cowgirls with nose rings. Also, at 73 minutes, it never wears out its welcome. I feel like it could have benefited from some gore. Maybe a little nudity, I mean they are in a brothel for a good part of this. As it is, you could easily watch this with the kids. Apparently, Joshua Kennedy has made a bunch of these - and I may be checking out a few more in the future.

Madelyn Wiley stars as a schoolteacher named Rebecca Crawford, who is forced to team up with a gunslinging cowboy and a feisty prostitute to rescue her husband after he is carried off by a prehistoric flying reptile. Judging from the trailer and the title, there will be multiple pterodactyls featured throughout the film, and you have to love those cheesy old-school practical creature effects.

COWGIRLS is set in Texas, 1864, where numerous sightings of large, strange bird-like creatures have been reported. The creatures are actually pterodactyls, and one of them flies off with the husband of a prim schoolteacher (Madelyn Wiley). She enlists the help of a down-and-out gunfighter (Carmen Vienhage) and a bordello madam (Haley Zega) to track down the beasts and bring back her beloved.

If you are familiar with the work of Joshua Kennedy, you'll probably know what you're in for with COWGIRLS. It's an endearingly goofy story that is fun and entertaining, with plenty of references to various classic films. There's almost a Tarantino-like vibe here, with welcome narration by Josh's eternal muse, Martine Beswicke, and plenty of on-screen text. The excellent stop-motion animation of Ryan Lengyel gives life to the pterodactyls, and a newly-born creature in particular almost does a Grogu in stealing the film. 041b061a72


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