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Modern Family - Season 8 EXCLUSIVE

The eighth season of Modern Family was ordered on March 3, 2016 by ABC. The season premiered on September 21, 2016. The season is produced by Steven Levitan Productions and Picador Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television, with creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd as showrunners.[1] The season concluded on May 17, 2017.

Modern Family - Season 8

Modern Family was renewed for an eighth season on March 3, 2016, with several other ABC shows.[1] Sofia Vergara shared a photo on Instagram of the cast doing a photo-shoot for the eighth season on July 26, 2016.[2] The table read for the season occurred the same day, with filming beginning shortly after.[3] The Hollywood Reporter announced on August 4, 2016, that Castle-alum Nathan Fillion had been cast in a recurring role of three episodes as the weatherman Rainer Shine.[4] It was also announced that Martin Short will appear in a guest role in the third episode of the season as a promotional maven.[5] A promotional poster was released on August 23, 2016.[6] On September 26, 2016, Variety reported that Modern Family would feature the first openly transgender child actor on network-television. The 8-year old actor Jackson Millarker appeared in the second episode of the season as Lily's playmate Tom.[7] "The Hollywood Reporter" reported on November 7, 2016 that Peyton Manning will guest star in the 12th episode of the season. "Manning will play Coach Gary, baby Joe's sports tutor, whom Gloria (Sofia Vergara) brings in to help teach Joe how to throw and catch. When Coach Gary also starts doing things around the house, Jay (Ed O'Neill) is left feeling a bit emasculated."[8] Kelsey Grammer guest-starred in a January 2017 episode of the series, portraying Cam's ex-boyfriend Keifth.[9] The Hollywood Reporter reported that NBA stars Charles Barkley and DeAndre Jordan will guest-star in a late January 2017 episode, playing themselves. The source stated "For their part in the show, Barkley and Jordan will be attending a charity basketball game that Phil (Ty Burrell) has been training all year for in an attempt to redeem himself after a disastrous turn at the previous year's game. When they both start getting a little too involved, Phil tries to not buckle under the pressure."[10]

Jay does not want to give the new family moving in across the street the wrong impression and goes out of his way to make sure they know he is the best kind of neighbor. He is convinced by Phil to invest in a property which forces them to work together. Jay relationship with Joe is developed.

Manny decides that the best way to an attractive and radical-thinking teenage girl's heart is through his actions. This season see him defeated in class president's elections and preparing for graduation.

To be fair, though, the actual premise of having five-minute stories about the different family members is commendable. To mix up the structure of the show is interesting, however, the stories had no overarching theme, nor are any of the vignettes of much importance.

But we also see vulnerable Phil, which makes him so endearing. Modern Family has been on-air for eight seasons and therefore, much of the character development has fallen by the wayside.

However, there have been new developments with Phil. We saw it earlier in the season when he decided to go for his dream of Dunphy Tower after a boost of confidence. He has doubted himself and then perseveres.

Behind the scenes of Modern Family, Sarah Hyland struggled with a lot of issues in her personal life. Through the 11 seasons of the show, fans witnessed how much the actress' appearance has changed. Viewers were particularly concerned about her drastic weight loss, as well as her swollen face. Hyland later revealed that it was due to a chronic illness that led to two kidney transplants. Here's the tragic story about her condition.

Hyland's face was visibly swollen on Modern Family season 8. Some thought she had work done on her face, but she later revealed that it was caused by her health complications. "Sometimes a selfie is more than just a good angle or feelin cute. This time for #NationalSelfieDay, I've decided to share my truth. As painful as it is," she wrote on her Instagram Story showing her swollen face. "So here is my face that was torn from work against my will. But I'm very grateful it was. Health should always come first... #stayhealthymyfriends."

In December 2018, Hyland finally opened up about her battle with kidney dysplasia. At that time, she was on her second kidney transplant. The first one was donated by her dad. However, her body started rejecting it in 2016. The following year, she discovered that her younger brother Ian was a match for a second transplant. But that didn't make it easier. "I was very depressed. When a family member gives you a second chance at life, and it fails, it almost feels like it's your fault. It's not. But it does," Hyland said of the failed first transplant.

Each of the families parted ways on the season 7 finale of MODERN FAMILY, heading off to their own separate vacation. But when the show returns, everyone the Pritchett and Dunphy families will reunite back home in Los Angeles.

Modern Family redefined family sitcoms, so much so that it has become an Emmy-winning series that lasted for an impressive 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020. It has cemented a place for itself in television history and has, in fact, served as the inspiration for one of WandaVision's sitcom episodes. There's no denying that the legacy of Modern Family was its hilarious, yet sensitive, spin on what constitutes familial love: instead of just showing the love between one middle-class, white American family, Modern Family showcased one large, multi-generational, and multicultural family, each with their own connections, complex history, and spotlight.

Haley has always been a little ditzy but she showed glimmers of maturity as she transformed. By season 11, she was no longer that high school girl who wore Ugg boots with denim skirts. She was now a married mother of two with a successful career and eye for cutting fashion.

In the first season of Modern Family, Haley was in high school and was in an on-and-off relationship with a senior, Dylan. She was focused on getting her driver's license and not letting her younger, smarter sister, Alex, embarrass her. Haley's hair was much longer in season 1 and her style reflected that 2009 era.

In the second season of Modern Family, viewers saw Haley become more connected to her family (whether she intended it to be that way or not). This season shared plenty of Haley's ups and downs with Alex (from borrowing clothes to trying to make Alex "cool") and she also spent more time with Claire and got to know Manny on a deeper level.

In the fourth season, Haley started life as a college student. She was nervous but excited to live on her own. For the show's sake, Haley touched base with the family through FaceTime, so she was still very much involved in the family dynamic.

But as quickly as Haley entered college, she left just as fast. After a drunken night at a house party, she was arrested for assaulting a police officer and subsequently kicked out of school. She spent the rest of the season getting her act together and trying to figure out her passion in life.

In the fifth season, Haley was taking classes at the local community college and found her passion through fashion and photography. She even had a showcase that displayed some of her work. It was also in this season where Haley let her guard down in relationships. She was playing the field but when she met Andy, she realized she was being treated poorly in all of her relationships. By the season finale, Haley realized she had feelings for Andy and became closer to him as a friend.

Season 6 was one of Haley's best. She worked hard with Andy to be prepared for a fashion interview, and she ended up landing the job. Even without a college degree, Haley's love for fashion proved itself with her new career path. Haley also turned 21 in the sixth season and she and her mom were closer than ever. Claire finally felt like Haley had a vision for her life and could loosen her grip on her firstborn.

Big changes happened for Haley in the seventh season. Alex went away to college and she got back together with Dylan when Andy proposed to Beth. Internally, Haley missed her opposing force of a sister and didn't realize it. Likewise, she finally acknowledged that she couldn't pretend like she didn't have feelings for Andy when she did. She dumped Dylan and entered a secret relationship with Andy until he could break up with Beth.

By the eighth season, Haley had finally found herself. She started a promotion business, became friendlier with Alex, and started dating an older man named Rainer. Rainer was a weatherman with a daughter who wasn't much younger than Haley.

Dating an older man made Haley more mature in a lot of ways. She was communicating better with her family and genuinely liked working. As per usual, she and Rainer fell apart but it was a good learning experience for the eldest Dunphy kid.

When Haley's job with Gavin Sinclair came to an end, she started working at the country club with Luke. This was a special season for the Dunphy kids because it seemed like they all got along. Haley and Luke were working together, and Alex helped prep Haley for her interview with Nerp.

The 11th and final season was an emotional one for the characters, Haley was now a parent and juggling life as a working mom. It was hard for her to balance motherhood and living life as the free woman she was. Luckily for her, Dylan was a huge help with the babies and had a successful job as a nurse. The series ended with Haley, Dylan, and their babies moving out of the Dunphy household and into Mitch and Cam's old house.

Toward the start of The Alliance episode (season 8, episode 8), Claire talks about the romantic Italian movie she and Phil watched the evening before. Phil then turns toward Google Home and says, "OK Google, play the soundtrack to Spaghetti for Pepe." The nice female voice in Home answers him and starts playing some Italian-sounding music. 041b061a72


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