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Fortnite Old IO Servers: Locations, Personnel Files, and Secrets

Agent Jones is sceptical, so he wants us to download personnel files from the old IO servers in Fortnite in an effort to learn more about the sisters of The Seven. The problem is that the old IO servers are locked up in Fortnite's Command Cavern, and if you're not tech-savvy, downloading them could be an issue too. With that said, let's go over where and how to download personnel files from the old IO servers in Fortnite.

Starting with the easiest to access, there is an old IO server directly beneath the north-west wind tunnel entrance into Command Cavern. Fly down into the wind tunnel and you'll encounter an old IO server on the platform below.

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The last old IO server is in a secret locked room on the eastern side of Command Cavern. Head down the rocky tunnel south of an IO drill. This is where one of the Command Cavern Fortnite Omni Chips is situated.

At the end of the tunnel, take a left and you'll come across a locked door and a vent. Crawl in the vent and follow it through until you enter a room. Here is where you'll find the last old IO server.

Week 9 Quest of the Resistance in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is here. Whether you're searching for the mech parts, downloading personnel files from old IO servers, or jumping near a seismometer this Fortnite guide will help you solve all Resistance quests for Week 9 of Chapter 3, Season 2.

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We recommend going to the spot north of the Command Cavern. Look for the server with a white glow around an old-timey computer when you're there. You'll need to find the file named "the_order.csv" and press the Examine Entry to download the files.

The latest Fortnite update brought forth the Resistance Week 9 Quests to the game, and there are a few challenges that players have to complete to earn XP. These Quests are divided into various phases, and one of the challenges requires players to download personnel files from old Imagined Order Servers. To reach this stage of the Quest, players will first have to establish a device uplink near Command Cavern.

Knowing how to download personnel files in Fortnite is essential to complete Jones' Resistance assignments, once you've infiltrated Command Cavern to access the old IO servers. His Fortnite quests for The Seven involve investigating The Imagined Order to try and find more information about The Sisters, and what better way to do this than steal personnel records held by The IO on their database system. However, this equipment is old and not connected to the internet, so you'll need to go hands on with the storage to complete this hack. We've got all of details on where to find the old IO servers, and how to carry out the Fortnite download personnel files process.

You'll need to find the old IO servers if you want to download personnel files in Fortnite, and this archaic equipment is buried deep within the Command Cavern IO base. The base is a POI to the west of the island, and as you need to establish device uplink there to unlock this task you should already be in the vicinity.

As the base is split over multiple floors underground a map isn't too helpful to pinpoint the exact location, but there are two routes you can take to reach the old IO servers. If you enter the base through the blast doors to the south, proceed forwards and down the first flight of stairs, then down the second set of stairs before turning 180 degrees and checking the area behind them.

You can also go into the base through any of the tunnels leading to the main drilling operation area, then from the dock directly opposite the north tunnel entrance simply duck under the shutter then look behind the stairs to find the old IO servers. Bear in mind that there will be plenty of IO guards patrolling the area, so you'll need to either sneak your way past or take them out before starting the Fortnite download personnel files process at the server.

When you're in the right area, you can download personnel files from the old IO servers in Fortnite by approaching the whirring machinery and following the 'search archives' prompt. Use the Next Entry option to cycle through the various files until you reach the_order.csv, at which point the option should automatically switch to Examine Entry and you'll complete the quest after selecting it. You'll also discover that someone else has already looked through these files, and the one you were after has been deleted by... Geno. But what does it all mean? Keep working through that Resistance storyline to find out!

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Fortnite is constantly keeping its player base engaged by releasing fresh batches of quests on a weekly basis, amongst other content. One of these quests tasks players with hacking an IO server in Command Cavern, and while there are several possible locations and approaches to take, this Fortnite guide tells players the easiest and fastest one.

The hacking of an IO server in Command Cavern is the latest quest in Fortnite's Resistance quest line. A series of challenges related to Fortnite's ongoing storyline, the Resistance quests have players doing things related to monitoring and taking down the sinister Imagined Order, or IO, who are the antagonists to the player-sided group The Seven.

As mentioned before, there are several possible IO server locations for players to hack, although the vast majority seem to be going towards one spot in particular. However, before rushing into the enemy-laden POI, players will need to first establish a device uplink at either Seven Outpost 2 or Seven Outpost 5. While Seven Outpost 2 is where several recent Omni Chips can be found, 5 is a bit closer, and can essentially take players directly to Command Cavern via Rift.

The best approach to hack an IO server in Command Cavern is to glide in through the large opening in the north face of the mountain. Head to the lowest level of the main structure inside while attempting to avoid the attention of any enemy AI.

Starting today, we will begin turning off out-of-date online services and servers for many older games in the Epic family as we move to solely support Epic Online Services with its unified friends system, voice chat features, parental controls, and parental verification features. Most titles will be playable offline, while some will no longer be playable. We apologize to the players affected by these changes.The following titles will have all online services disabled on January 24, after which players can continue playing single or local multiplayer modes offline:

As Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 draws to a close, with the current Battle Pass ending in a few weeks' time, Fortnite players are wondering when Season 3 will start. Although the release date hasn't been officially announced, the new season will likely arrive the day after the current Fortnite Battle Pass ends. Usually, the server downtime between seasons of Fortnite lasts two to four hours. When the servers go back up, players will be able to download the new update and start playing right away.

The current Battle Pass, and the current season of Fortnite, end on Friday, June 3. It's expected that several hours of downtime will follow. When servers become available again, players will be able to install the new Fortnite update. This process usually occurs overnight, meaning that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will start the following day: Saturday, June 4, 2022. Chapter 3 Season 2 saw some of the biggest changes ever made to Fortnite, so there are endless possibilities for what Season 3 has in store.

Regardless of what changes v18.10 is bringing to Fortnite Season 8, a period of server downtime is required to implement them. This is why you are currently unable to play the battle royale or even boot up its home screen (it will just says "Servers Not Responding" if you try).

Once the servers are back online, you will need to download an update file on whichever system you use for playing Fortnite. Around this time, the official patch notes will also be uploaded to the Epic Games website, offering greater clarity on what the update has actually brought to the table.

The only bad news is that as a major update, version 17.40 will be accompanied by a period of server downtime. The servers will begin to be disabled at around 8.30am, and should be back online by 11am.

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