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What is a parlay bet?

What is a parlay bet? This type of wager is becoming a new trend, offering higher profits when players have grown bored with other common simple bet types.

If you're curious and want to join in on this type of betting but don't know where to start, the following insights are undoubtedly extremely helpful.

Don't miss out because they truly offer unprecedented opportunities to make big money.

What is a parlay bet?

Parlay betting is a relatively new form of football wager that has emerged in the market in recent years but has quickly garnered the interest of many seasoned bettors.

This type of bet requires you to combine football predictions 100 % for multiple different scenarios within the same betting ticket.

For example, you might bet on Asian Handicap, Over/Under, Draw No Bet, etc., all at once, and if you guess correctly, you win, but if you're wrong, you lose everything.

The advantage of this form of betting is the potential for a huge payout, allowing you to earn significant profits with a small initial investment.

However, it's important to note that if you're incorrect about any of the predictions, you'll lose the entire bet immediately.

How to calculate parlay in football in detail and easiest way to understand

In fact, when playing parlay bets, your only task is to select at least 2 bet odds simultaneously without doing anything else.

This is because most bookmakers provide an automatic parlay calculation feature for their players.

However, for a more accurate understanding, it's essential to grasp the basics of calculating football parlays, something every bettor should remember.

Depending on the chosen bet types to combine, the parlay calculation method may vary, but generally, the parlay odds will be the product of the individual odds within it.

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a) Calculating Asian Handicap and Over/Under Parlays:

You can calculate the payout coefficient according to the following rules:

Full win: Odds equal to the corresponding odds provided by the bookmaker.

Half win: Odds = (Odds coefficient - 1) / 2

Half loss: Odds = Odds coefficient / 2

Draw: Odds equal to the regular odds coefficient

Thus, when combined into a parlay bet, the new parlay odds are calculated as follows:

Parlay Odds = Full win odds x Half win odds x Half loss odds x Draw odds

For example: Placing parlay bets on Over/Under with odds of 0.9 - 1.2 - 1.8 and winning fully, the parlay odds would be: 0.9 x 1.2 x 1.8 = 1.944. If you bet 100k, the payout would be 100 x 1.944 = 194.4 thousand dong.

b) Calculating Draw No Bet Parlays:

Unlike Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets, Draw No Bet parlays are simpler to calculate. You just need to multiply the odds together:

Parlay Odds = Draw No Bet odds 1 x Draw No Bet odds 2 x ... X Draw No Bet odds n

For example: Placing Draw No Bet bets with odds of 1.3 - 0.86 - 3.2, the parlay odds would be 1.3 x 0.86 x 3.2 = 3.5776. If you bet 100k, the return would be 100 x 3.5776 = 357.760.

Regardless of which parlay type you choose to play, if even one prediction is wrong, you will lose the entire amount bet. At that point:

Loss amount = Initial parlay bet amount.

Should you play parlay bets in football or not?

Once you've grasped what parlay betting, also known as accumulator betting, entails, you might be feeling unsure about whether you should venture into this type of wagering.

To help you understand, parlay betting is relatively complex due to the combination of various types of bets into a single ticket.

However, it's not overly difficult to the point where only experts can confidently engage in it every day.

Moreover, parlay betting offers the opportunity to earn significant profits rapidly with minimal capital. Therefore, you should definitely consider trying out this type of betting today.

With just basic knowledge of football betting and by staying updated with advanced tip for win to improve prediction accuracy, you can confidently place parlay bets on any match.

How to play football parlay: 3 Winning betting tips from experts

In order to help you easily adapt and achieve success with this format, here is a compilation of some winning tips shared by experts:

Understand the nature of each bet before placing parlay bets

As introduced earlier, parlay betting involves combining multiple bets at once, so you must understand each common betting type before deciding to wager on this format. The best approach is to choose 2-3 bets that you are interested in and have the most luck with, focus on learning and improving your analysis skills, which will make it easier to profit from these parlay tickets.

Choose your favorite matches

According to surveys, selecting major matches, especially those involving your favorite teams, increases the chances of winning. This is because you have more information about the match, providing a significant advantage to earn money from bookmakers.

Adjust parlay bets when unfavorable situations arise

If you notice that the match is unfolding completely contrary to your initial prediction and betting decision, don't hesitate to adjust your parlay bets immediately. The best approach may be to place additional bets at other bookmakers initially to recover the capital you are about to lose.


Football parlay betting is not a simple form of wagering that any newcomer can easily calculate and participate in.

However, if you're someone who enjoys taking risks and desires to make quick money, then this will certainly be the perfect choice for you right now.

Be sure to supplement your football betting experience to practice with parlay tickets and win big. Read more: Mastering dropping odds strategy, Tips, and Predictions


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