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Buy Swimming Trunks Near Me

Kiefer was started by American Adolph Kiefer in 1947. By that time Adolph Kiefer had won the gold medal in the 100M Backstroke at the 1936 Olympics, broken 14 world swimming records, and taught thousands of Navy seamen how to swim during World War II

buy swimming trunks near me

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Kiefer was started by American Adolph Kiefer in 1947. By that time Adolph Kiefer had won the gold medal in the 100M Backstroke at the 1936 Olympics, broken 14 world swimming records, and taught thousands of Navy seamen how to swim during World War II. Adolph Kiefer invented many of the products and swim categories still in use today - including pioneering developments in competitive racing lanes, starting blocks, swimwear, lifeguard safety, and aquatic therapy solutions. After 70 years of innovation, we are humbled by our history and proud of our ongoing commitment to Swim with Confidence in the aquatics industry.

More than just something to wear in the water, your trunks can be an extension of your personal style. And with the wide range of cuts and colorways that you'll find in this guide, choosing one that suits you should be easy. We've got you covered (get it?) whether you're looking for a shorter inseam that's trendy right now or an old-school pair of boardshorts that end at or below the knee. And yes, we've also got some of the ever-popular hybrid shorts that can take you from poolside to a casual dinner out.

Before we dive in, just a reminder that these trunks can work for anyone of any gender. Many of the brands offer a wide range of sizing, from extra small to XXXL, but if you're looking for something in smaller sizes, be sure to check out our women's swimsuit guide. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and recommends clothes, shoes, and accessories.

If fleeces are Patagonia's cold-weather staple, then Baggies Shorts are its warm-weather equivalents. Although they're not marketed specifically as swim trunks, they're some of the best we've tested because of their versatility.

Patagonia Baggies are made using 100% recycled nylon, which is lightweight and durable. They're treated with a water-resistant coating to keep you dry when you wear them during activities like hiking, but also include many features designed for fully submerging as swim trunks. You'll find its vertical side pockets help to reduce drag when you're in the water, and the mesh interior helps water drain quickly when you get out.

There are three colors to choose from, but our current favorite is the Dark Forest colorway. The subdued color is a wonderful choice if you prefer not to wear swim trunks with bright colors or bold patterns.

They craft the White Cap Boardshort from ECONYLRegenerated Nylon, a recycled product that can again be recycled when it's time for a new pair, meaning these don't have to end up in a landfill. The brand combines this material with 22% elastane for a lot of stretch for all-day wear. Like traditional boardshorts, these trunks are unlined and feature mesh front pockets and a zippered pocket in the back. The colorway has a vintage floral feel.

The Hurley Volley Board Short is an unlined 17-inch short made from a water-wicking polyester that dries quickly. It has two slash pockets and a back pocket with a hook-and-loop flap closure and drain hole. These trunks are tough enough for whatever watersports you're into, but look great just hanging out by the pool, if that's your thing.

We love clothes that can do double (or triple) duty and O'Neill, the OG surf brand, doesn't let us down with their Stockton Hybrid Short. These ultra-lightweight shorts, made from a quick-drying stretch twill material (55% Nylon, 41% Polyester, and 4% Elastane), have you covered whether you're swimming, hiking, or just hanging out with friends. The Stockton Hybrid Short is also nicely tailored with a 20-inch outseam that hits just at the knee, and a slightly slim cut. It comes in eight colors, but we're partial to the Khaki for its original styling.

Birddogs Swim Shorts settles the great debate on whether or not you should wear underwear with trunks. Featuring comfortable, fast-drying underwear built-in, you can avoid mesh liners.

For some, mesh liners found in swim trunks are completely unbearable. For others, the idea of wearing underwear in the water just doesn't sit well. Birddogs Bathing Suits are the solution if you don't like mesh liners, but don't want to go commando in a pair of unlined board shorts.

Beach Britches is an iconic American surf brand known for its durable and stylish swim trunks. The Poolside is one of the brand's classics from the 1970s that they recently introduced. They're handsome, super durable, and have an unbeatable vintage style.

The Poolside is one of the brand's classics from the 1970s that Birdwell recently brought back. They feature an elastic waistband and are made from the company's proprietary two-ply nylon fabric called SurfNyl that's incredibly durable. The Poolside trunks come in six colorways that all have a single stripe in a contrasting color running down the right side for a vintage look from an American classic.

Vestige, the street brand known for its grown-up graphic T-shirts inspired by abstract art, has recently collaborated with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation on a capsule collection based on Josef Albers modernist masterpieces. The Chromatic Stripe Swim Short with its vertical stripes of varying widths in blue, yellow, white, and black is inspired by Albers' color theory. It's a striking design matched by the handsome silhouette of these volley-style trunks with a 5-inch inseam for a contemporary look.

The Seersucker Swim Trunk has a six-inch inseam that hits at the mid-thigh and is slim without being clingy. It has a mesh lining and a drawstring waist. The trunks have two slash pockets at the sides and a back pocket with button closure. It comes in the two classic seersucker colorways: turquoise with white and pink and white. These are handsome enough to wear when you're nowhere close to a beach or pool.

We're all about hybrid shorts. Sure, there's the not having to change your clothes part. But even better, swim trunks typically have livelier designs than shorts not made for wearing in the water (not sure why that is) so when a brand like Tommy Bahama offers you the opportunity to let loose away from the beach or pool, take it.

Bonobos is known for its tailoring and variety of fits, and the brand's swim trunks are no exception. They're made from 85% recycled polyester, so they're eco-friendly. They feature a mesh lining, two slash pockets, and a back patch pocket with a hook-and-loop fastener. Best of all there are three different inseams and more than 60(!) colorways to choose from.

The Swedish company Happy Socks helped popularize funky and fun socks, and now they're doing the same for swimwear. They make the trunks from a fast-drying recycled polyester. They have a mesh lining and two slash pockets. The hem hits about mid-thigh. The company also offers a longer version that ends at the bottom of the thigh. Either way, the brand's swim trunks will add a dash of mirth to your day at the beach or poolside amusements.

The Recycled Stretch swim trunks are made from a 90% recycled polyester with 10% spandex which provides four-way stretch that's comfortable for extended wear. The material has a soft handfeel, is water resistant, and dries quickly. The interior mesh is light and even stretchier than the outer material. I wore these the entire day and forgot there was a lining at all. They have a 5.5-inch inseam and hit about mid-thigh on my six-foot frame.

The difference between board shorts and swim trunks is simple. While the swim trunk is considered leisure apparel made for recreational beach, lake or poolside usage, the board short is purpose-built product made for active performance for a wide range of water-based activities.

Differences in these two products include a fixed waist versus elastic waist, the outseam length (generally longer in board shorts), pocket placement and the inclusion of a mesh inner lining (typical in swim trunks).

Swim trunks, also known as swim shorts, also come in a range of fabrics, but cotton and polyester tend to make up the bulk of the offering. Since elastic waist bands are the norm for swim shorts, sizing is not specific to waist size and tend to be offered in XS through XL.

While swim shorts are intended for just that, they are generally not ideal for any kind of strenuous athletic activity in the water. For example, if one were to try to swim laps in swim shorts, the pockets would fill up with water and, with even minimal momentum, the elastic waist would pull down. Similarly, if one were to surf in swim trunks, the shorts would become waterlogged due to the mesh lining and easily pull down or off during a wipeout or duck dive. In short, a swim short is mostly worn for hanging out in or around the water and not for active use.

Average outseam length in swim shorts also differs from board shorts. While a longer outseam does exist, most swim trunks fall between 15 to 17 inches. In other words, if you choose to wear swim shorts, be prepared to show some thigh.

Both board shorts and swim trunks come in stylish options. Contrary to popular belief, you're not limited to board shorts that have a baggy fit and come in loud, tacky patterns. In fact, you can even design your own custom boardshort that fits your personal style.

Known for their great-fitting underwear, Bear Skn got into the swimwear game earlier this year with a selection of big & tall swim trunks and briefs. Go with the Oops All Bearies print (seen above) if you want to stand out, or try the Bear Hunter Camo (below) for a more classically cool look.

"Guys always wear their swim trunks too long," says Danny Agnew, New York editor of men's lifestyle newsletter, InsideHook. He made sure that a short potion of InsideHook's '37 Things A Man's Gotta Do This Summer' guide was dedicated to finding the right swim trunks. 041b061a72


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