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Limited Edition 10 Dollar Gaming Token Golden Nugget |WORK|

Went looking for these machines after seeing this site, and had a ton of fun playing them! Payout was great on the $10 coins, and then just trade the duplicates in at the cashier for more money to keep trying! The $40 coins are much tougher to get. I'm sure I paid $100 to get one....but the quest is fun! There were two at the Plaza, sort of in the middle of the casino near the back. They were near a main aisle and they had 3 $10 types of tokens, but no colored caps. The 4 Queens had 12 machines, with 2 that gave out $40 gold caps. There are three at the entry (one is a $40 machine) on the Golden Nugget side, there is a single $10 unit as you walk toward the cashier in the aisle opposite the tables, a little farther down is a bank of 6 $10 machines, one larger display $10 machine by the cashier, and the other $40 machine is in the section of old reel slots. All of the $10 dollar machines also give out red and blue caps. Redrocks does have two $10 machines on the back wall opposite the entry. They currently have 5 types of $10 coins, with one being a limited edition Vegas Golden Knights team coin. It comes in blue or clear caps.

Limited Edition 10 Dollar Gaming Token Golden Nugget

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