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Activate BlueSoleil for Free with a Crack File and Enjoy Its Features

***IMPORTANT****************************************************************** 1. Please activate BlueSoleil 10.x immediately when you receive the SN! 2. If you have to use the serial number to activate BlueSoleil again, you have to clear your activation record first. *******************************************************************************

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If you buy the dongle from other businesses ,it often with a software CD in the package,but the software in the CD is too old version .such as BlueSoleil 2.0 and so on ,most of them are cracked version.Our BlueSoleil dongle sold without a CD in the pakege .We sugguest you to install the latest version BlueSoleil 9 or BlueSoleil 10 from our website because old version software have many problems or bugs .But sorry to tell you that our software is not free . you need buy a serial number to active it .

Our serial number is bounded with the computer,and one serial number can only active one computer ,so if you want to change a computer ,you need tell us,we will clear the activation record for you ,then you can use this serial number to active the new computer .


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