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The Recruit S01e07

Following Owen Hendricks' (Centineo) transition from law school directly into special operations work for the CIA, it is rife with opportunities to combine great thrills with some lighter fare that revolves around his inexperience and an on-the-job learning curve that you would expect from a 24-year-old trying to establish his footing in the clandestine and secretive world of international intelligence. The first season is essentially a primer on what not to do as a special op agent, and show creator Alexi Hawley (The Rookie) wastes little time getting the new recruit baptized into the world of espionage. By sending Owen to Yemen on a black op assignment right out of the gate, you can't help but feel bad for the guy when he immediately stumbles into a situation fraught with danger.

The Recruit s01e07

Owen has two roommates, former girlfriend Hannah Copeland (Fivel Stewart) and Terence (Daniel Quincy Annoh), and is trying to navigate his way through relationships with women while also dealing with some Washington D.C. power players that are trying to get Hendricks up to speed on the fly. A potential love interest is also in the picture as Owen finds himself swept up in a relationship with another lawyer in the Special Counsel Office of the CIA, Amelia (Kaylah Zander). Within the first two episodes, the wet-behind-the-ears recruit is balancing top-secret trips to Vienna with a new relationship with a co-worker.

After she stays up late reading an issue of Savage Starlight (a fictional comic book series you can collect in the game), her sleep is interrupted by runaway best buddy Riley (Storm Reid). Turns out Riley abandoned FEDRA care for the opposing Fireflies, but she isn't visiting to recruit Ellie. 041b061a72


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