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Ain't Too Proud To Beg ((LINK))

Shayla Brielle G. (Mama Rose / Florence Ballard / Tammi Terrell). Shayla Brielle G. is thrilled to be bringing this incredible story around the country. She is a proud native of Cincinnati, Ohio and studied Music Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Tara Rubin Casting, Lakey Wolff & Co, and the entire support system. Glory to God!

Ain't Too Proud to Beg

The song's lyrics feature its narrator pleading for a second chance with his departing lover, opening with the determined statement "I know you wanna leave me/but I refuse to let you go." The narrator goes on to state that he "ain't too proud to beg" or "plead" his lover to stay. The Temptations were pleased with the composition, feeling that the song's blues-inspired melody and James Brown-esque horn stabs would help to update their sound. David Ruffin was tapped to sing lead on the song, and Whitfield submitted the mix to Motown's Quality Control department.

Melissa Rose Bernardo has been covering theater for more than 20 years, reviewing for Entertainment Weekly and contributing to such outlets as, Playbill, and the gone (but not forgotten) InTheater and TheaterWeek magazines. She is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan. Twitter: @mrbplus. Email:


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